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10 Steps to prepare yourself and your home for a Freeze.

1. Stock Your Supplies

Make sure you are fully prepared for a freeze and have all the items you might need. Here is list of some supplies you will want to have handy.

Flashlights/ candles
Food (non-cooking)
Black Out Curtains (can trap heat)
Lighters/ Matches
Medical Supplies
Warm Clothing
Fire Extinguisher

2. Reverse Your Ceiling Fans

In the winter, you want your fan running in a clockwise rotation. When warm air rises your fan will create an updraft that circulates warm air without creating a wind chill.


3. Check For Tree Limbs

Ice or snow can put excess weight on limbs or branches causing them to fall. Be sure to trim any branches that may fall on or near your home during a storm.


4. Check Your Heating System

Make sure your filters are up to date and your system is running properly. To ensure your system is flowing properly, make sure there is no furniture or drapes blocking your air vents. Do not dramatically raise your thermostat during a storm, this can overwork your system.


5. Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Replace the batteries in your detectors in case your system gets over heated. If your power goes out and you have to use oil lamps, space heaters or candles; it is important to keep you and your family save from carbon monoxide exposure.


6. Drip Your Faucets

If the temperature is going to be near or below freezing, this trick can prevent your pipes from freezing. A tiny trickle is just enough for a constant flow in your pipes.


7. Heat Leaks

Seal any windows or doors in you're home that might let heat escape. You can use blankets or towels.


8. Protect Pets & Plants

Be sure to keep pets & plants inside during a freeze. It is very important to keep you and your pets hydrated. Keep your pets close, they too can act as a heater. A cute pet sweater is also a bonus.


9. Conserve Electricity

Charge up all of your electronic devices in case of an emergency. Be sure to check weather and news for your surrounding area.


10. Relax & Be Safe

Winter storms can be stressful. Take this time to relax and spend time with your family or enjoy some silence. Pull out that book you haven't started yet or play a board game with the kids. Try to enjoy this time at home and don't drive unless you absolutely have to.

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