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Where beautiful new homes, world-class schools and life enhancing extras elevate the feeling of community. And where contagious smiles, generous attitudes and neighborly hospitality uphold the Texan tradition. Located in Houston, you're home is now part of the state's largest city, with easy access to all it has including the Airport (Bush Intercontinental Airport), Ship Channel and The Port of Houston, while enjoying the quiet life at home. This is the Summerwood community in Northeast Houston. Here, you're part of a warm and inviting community, as well as a thriving city, and the signs of it are all around you. 

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If you are searching for a great neighborhood in the Houston area and you love the outdoors, I have a suggestion for you.  It's a little place you might like to call home, better known as Summerwood.  Let me give you the reasons why I love this place 











#1 Deussen Park.  I feel like we have a vacation resort in our backyard.  Deussen park is amazingly beautiful, with tons of space, trees and of course Lake Houston.  Having this park is a dream come true for me and our family.  They have parks for the kids to play, a dog park (for my 4 dogs) to enjoy), Buffalo just to look at, and of course a boat drop for your boat. 

deussen dog park   

#2 The pools, gym, tennis courts, and club house.  We thoroughly enjoy all of the amenities.  During the Summer we are at the Residents Club pool nearly everyday.  Going down the slides and letting our kid have fun. 

  pool  park 


#3  The Beltway.   We can jump on the beltway and be anywhere we need to be in 30 mins.  The location is just perfect for commuting, yet your in an area that isn't over crowded or congested.  I grew up in the country and open space is important to me, but yet I want to be where I need to be quickly.  It's perfect! 

  Lake houston park pic



#4  Everyone here is nice.  Plain and simple.  I have meet and spoken with SO many people, and the people here are quality people.  Most likely because they love where they live.  Can you blame them??  Spring and Winter shots below, it is always beautiful, and perfectly maintained.

Lakes 2  winter lakes pic


#5  It's safe.  There are two cops hired by our HOA.  I see them all the time, and it just gives me the warm and fuzzies inside.  I like cops in my neighborhood.  There are lots of cops that live here as well.  Maybe cause they know its safe, or maybe because of the other 4 reasons I have already talked about.  Either way I am so glad they are here.  We also have one of the most active community Facebook pages I have ever seen.  Click here to join


#6  There are so many options for homes.  From a custom home built on a quarter acre to ranch style, contemporary, to European flare.  There are so many options, and so many great buys!  The builders are all quality builders, so you know anything you buy here is good quality.  Check out some pics of a few we have personally listed :)  You can always call us to find out what is available in your criteria!

blisswood pool blisswood front




#7 The neighborhood HEB.  It is such a treat to have a grocery store in the neighborhood!  Not to mention a starbuck, and all kinds of other shopping and commercial. 










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